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Contrary to what one might think, the Rules of Ceremonial are present in our everyday life much more than one might imagine.

Common sense considers these rules something to be implemented in "high spheres", forgetting their public and private aspects which are necessary as aids for the simple "standards of respect", society and courtesy in relationships with others.

These rules will help anyone who wants to apply them in interpersonal relationships, they will be useful rules of "civil" behaviour for coping with ease and smoothness on every occasion, in every work place and situation, whether they be entrepreneurial contexts of a certain level or just everyday "social" situations.

The course contemplates and includes

Audiovisual support with practical examples using slides • Illustrations and drawings useful for learning • Photographic documentation for practical exercises in the classroom • Group and workshop interaction with practical material • Decorations for setting the table • Digital notes • Case Histories • Theoretical and practical explanations for every topic • Equipped room
• Two daily Coffee Breaks

Venues of the courses

The group courses are on request and will be held in conference rooms in selected venues.

(Minimum 12 people)

Daily Etiquette Course: ( 1 day ) £ 240,00

Basic Course ( 2 days)

£ 440,00
Business & etiquette Course (3 days)
Minimum of 10 people
£ 640,00


Short duration Private Courses 1:2:1 online via Skype
Each mini course has a duration of two hours, choose yours!

> Social Etiquette (modules of two hours)

> Business & Travel (modules of two hours)

£ 140,00



On request

Costs depending on individual specification


Edda Accademia di Stile offeres different level courses on Ceremonial, Protocol and Etiquette in private and professional life
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