If you are already an expert in matters of the table and aim to please discerning clientele,

be the best...

The course "Ceremonial, Protocol and Etiquette in private and professional life" will be the final touch that gives added value to sectors such as table arrangements and gastronomy .
It focuses on teaching behaviour to be applied in all places and all circumstances: from the perfect management of a formal dinner to how to respond on receiving an invitation.   A path composed of theoretical and practical bases: setting the table, assigning the places, how to invite, what gifts to give in all situations . An informed customer is a more powerful buyer...


women in social lifemanagement secretaries • managers • training companies • large communication firms and companies public sector
table&cuisine hotel chains •charme hotels incentive houses & meeting plannershotels

Edda Accademia di Stile offeres different level courses on Ceremonial, Protocol and Etiquette in private and professional life
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