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Pubblicazione: 05/2011
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Edda Abbagliati - Tourism Consultancy

Lisa Lorenzini –

Chilean by birth, Edda Abbagliati studied in Buenos Aires where she obtained her High School Diploma, and then in Spain, graduating with a Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. She boasts extensive theoretical and practical training in the tourism sector with many years experience working in tourism and international hotels, gained in various countries from Spain to the Americas.

In 1999 she decided to start a tourism consultancy in Milan, offering services to the tourism sector and Italian and foreign hotels in need of marketing and strategic support and representation in Italy. Leading international hotel brands, tourist operators and tourism promotion agencies worldwide have relied on Edda Abbagliati for strong positioning in the Italian market.

In 2006, Edda, thanks to her extensive training in the area of protocol, added to the tourism consultancy EAS – Edda Accademia di Stile, an exclusive programme of courses dedicated to ceremonial, protocol and etiquette, in private and professional life. The objective of the courses is the knowledge of the rules of ceremonial, protocol and etiquette. Things that can make the difference in the important moments in a person’s life.
Since 2012 Edda lives in Suffolk – England

Florentine, graduated with a Diploma in Graphic Design from the Institute of Art Florence and completed her training in the USA with a scholarship to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Illustrator and graphic designer with many years experience in advertising and publishing as an art director, has taught graphic design in Florence and is currently a freelance professional with national and international clients.

Creative by nature with a keen eye for style and detail, she has always been fascinated with table etiquette which further inspired her to deepen her knowledge of ceremonial, protocol and etiquette. So in 2006 Edda Accademia di Stile (Courses in Ceremonial, Protocol and Etiquette) was born, joining with Edda Abbagliati in the creation of courses with an intuitive approach accompanied by illustrations.


Edda Accademia di Stile offeres different level courses on Ceremonial, Protocol and Etiquette in private and professional life
© 2006 edda abbagliati and lisa lorenzini



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